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The idea of offering custom-fitted garments was created long ago. It’s the original way of procuring a fabulous closet. Unfortunately, mass-market clothing production all but dismantled small tailoring businesses throughout the revolution years. It’s time to bring back this sense of customization in our closets.


No one has the same body shape and the concept of one size fits all fashion is unrealistic. The reality is most mass-market stores sell clothes that don’t fit the majority of women in spite of what their size labels say.


For myself, sleeves are frequently too short or the rise on the pants is so low that my behind falls out when I bend. Also, the length of the pants tend to be so short that most of the time I feel like I’m wearing capris. It’s just plain discouraging.


Most of my friend are tall and curvy ladies. The complaining about our clothes and how everything made for our body type was ugly and old-fashioned, became part of my daily discussion.


It took me a while to realize that the market for women's clothing wasn’t going to actually help us with clothes that were flattering and fashionable. That is when a friend said: “enough messing around and expecting others to change the fashion industry when you can make everything you want and it fits perfectly. I want you to make me clothes too”.


Could it be that other women were as desperate as us to find clothes that fit them properly?


Emmane B. Design was born from this sense of desperation and the need to invoke positive change.​ We offer a variety of pre-design styles for women and a custom made dress service for every occasion. 

Wedding dresses and special event dresses for all body types. Each dress are uniquely design to each bride's dream. See our wedding dress  and evening bridesmaid sections for more details on creating your perfect dress. 


We recently added a service of event planification you may have in your customizable lifestyle. We work with a talented florist with extraordinary crafting abilities and experience baker that makes creations as tasty then it is beautiful. Our team is here to assist you achieve to perfect event. 

Have a look at our shop for ready to wear design, decors items and helpful documentation to help you plan a perfect event.

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