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These Bridesmaids and Groomsmen Proposal boxes are just awesome and practical. Propose to your future bridesmaids or groomsmen with a carefully curated box of items that you can personalize with the help of our designer. 
Contact us to create your perfect box. We will work with your budget. Do not buy directly from this listing, we need to know what you want and personalize it exactly how you want it. 
All boxes start with a personal note, then according to your budget you can pick for the items below! 

The box may include but not limited to:
- T-shirt: pick your colour & phrase
- Robe: personalize pattern or pick a plain colour & phrase
- Stemless Wine Glass: 15 once with a phrase
- Stemless Champagne Glass: 12 once with a phrase
- Tin candle: personalized sticker
- Glass Jar Candle with personalized sticker; Jar depend on availability
- Tumbler Thermos: colour & shapes varies depending on availability 
- Scrunchie: cotton or silk with elastic
- Washable makeup remover: white cotton & personalizable print  fabric
- Coffee Cup with personalized sticker
- Water bottle with lid, straw and personalized sticker
- Candy Glass Jar: ask about the current selection
- & so muc more...
Ask us our current list of available items.
We always try to make as many of our products locally, but sometimes it's impossible. Some of the choices might be imported.

Bridesmaids & Groomsmen Proposal Box | Starting at $49

  • These items are a customized handmade order. For this reason this item is not returnable. Before ordering, connect with us to discuss your needs!

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