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Did you know... about wedding veils

In Greece and in Rome in the first century, brides would wear flame-coloured veils to scare off evil spirits. Red was a very commonly use colour of veil throughout history to disguise the bride and confuse evil spirits as she walked down the aisle. It was said that spirits were

jealous of her happiness and might kidnap the bride-to-be before she could be delivered to

her groom. Now a days, some culture still use the red colour has wedding veils and dresses. It's such a beautiful colour.

During Middle Ages, historians have also theorized that veils were use to conceal the bride’s face before the wedding, the groom wouldn’t look at the girl until it was too later to change his mind in case he was not satisfied with her appearance. As we know, a lot a marriage were arrange through the families to improve status in the society. Most newly wed would only meet on the day of the ceremony.

Beyond the evil spirit superstitions, veils were also considered a sign of humility and respect for God. In Christian religion, the meaning behind the veil eventually transformed as weddings evolved into religious ceremonies. The veil came to symbolize modesty and obedience. In many religions, it’s seen

as a symbol of reverence for women to cover their heads. The white colour of the veil were worn to symbolize chastity.

However, during Victorian times, it became just the opposite. It became a status symbol, with the weight, length and quality of the veil a sign of the bride's status. Back then, Royal brides had the longest veils. The veil eventually became a symbol of virginity and the groom would lift it symbolizing his right the consume the marriage with a kiss.

Today’s brides may decide to wear or not a wedding veil. It’s really up to the look you want to create. Will or not wear a veil on your wedding day?? If you do, we have superb ideas for you and would love design one just for you. Take a appointment with our wedding designer, right here.

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