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Wedding shoes? What to wear under your wedding dress? What's available in Montreal?

I have so many brides asking me what they should wear as shoes for their big day? There are a few questions you will need to figure out what to wear under your bridal gown. Here is how I go about to determine what a future bride should wear on their wedding day.

#1 Can you see your feet when you wear your dress?

If the answer is no, stop worrying about what you are going to wear under that wedding dress. Nobody will lift you dress to see if you are sporting a facing pair of heels. Wear what you're comfortable in.

#2 What kind of shoes do you wear on a regular day?

If you're the kind of person who wears sneakers all-day work and thinks that Birkenstock sandals are fancy shoes. You may want to stay away from 3” heels and go for a ballerina flat or even a nice pair of Toms.

If you're an avid heels wearer and without your 2” stiletto your back hurt, don't break the mould! You may want to go for your usual heels height.

#3 Do you want something you will only wear once or you want something you will use afterwards?

It you want to splurge and buy those over the too sparkling shoes and no matter what this is what you want, you should do it. This is a special event, you should get the shoes you want!

If you are looking for something timeless and wearable there are so many options available to you. Go out of the box and wear the shoes you always see in store but never buy because maybe they are too expensive. Your wedding is the event you should splurge and spend a little more for something you know you will wear!

Check out below what I’ve found in store this season!

As usual, if you are looking for any custom wedding services, let us know. It would be a pleasure to be part of your big event!

Check out all of our services here:

Check out also what is growing in our store, we don't have shoes but we do make dresses!

Hopefully, you enjoy this 3 steps to pick your shoes! Don't forget to share and comment! The whole team we love to hear from you.

Till next time... Bye


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